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1 IX Peering Megaport
2 Rechenzentrumsverbindungen Megaport
3 Megaport Virtual Edge Megaport
4 Cloud-zu-Cloud Konnektivität mit Megaport Cloud Router Megaport
5 Cloud Konnektivität Megaport
6 revolutionSCREEN – CASAONE revolutionSCREEN AG
7 revolutionSCREEN - Weather App revolutionSCREEN AG
8 AWS Kit for "Established In The Cloud" 1way2cloud GmbH
9 AWS Kit for "Starters In The Cloud" 1way2cloud GmbH
10 Airlock Secure Access Hub Ergon Informatik AG
11 Azure Unimission AG
12 x86/x64 Unimission AG
13 Network Unimission AG
14 Backup Unimission AG
15 IBM Power Unimission AG
16 revolutionSCREEN – Digital Signage revolutionSCREEN AG
17 Cloud Backup Xelon AG
18 Colocation Xelon AG
19 Dedicated Server Xelon AG
20 Managed Services Xelon AG
21 Servers Xelon AG
22 Enterprise Networks Damovo Schweiz AG
23 Contact Center Damovo Schweiz AG
24 Unified Communications Damovo Schweiz AG
25 Managed Google Anthos Green
26 Swiss Tax Location PwC
27 Cyber Backup Appliance Acronis
28 Elastic Connection Platform (ECP) China Telecom
29 BigData Services Phoenix Systems AG
30 Agile Projekte ti&m AG
31 Digital Design ti&m AG
32 Consulting ti&m AG
33 Security Services Econis AG
34 Security Services Econis AG
35 Cloud Services Econis AG
36 Workplace Management Econis AG
37 Infrastruktur und Netzwerk Econis AG
38 Virtual Office Cloud Phoenix Systems AG
39 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Phoenix Systems AG
40 Container Infrastructure Phoenix Systems AG
41 Swiss Cube as a Service Bechtle Schweiz AG
42 Clouds Bechtle Schweiz AG
43 IT-Lösungen Bechtle Schweiz AG
44 IT Recht und Compliance LEANmade AG
45 Sicherheit LEANmade AG
46 Datenschutz LEANmade AG
47 Global Connectivity Low Latency Market Synergy GmbH
48 Meet-Me-Room (MMR) Market Synergy GmbH
49 Swiss Cube Green
50 Kubernetes Xelon AG

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