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AI Cloud

AI Cloud

Welcome to the Phoenix AI Cloud – a secure and sovereign cloud environment designed for CPU and GPU-accelerated workloads. Built with the latest enterprise hardware and grounded in open-source technologies, our platform ensures direct access to GPU technologies, AI platforms, and Confidential Computing, safeguarding services against unauthorized access and meeting data privacy requirements.

AI Unit

A tailored, high-performance computing module designed to handle complex AI Workloads. • Virtual machines including AI stack • Optimized Hardware (CPU & GPU) • Scalable Configurations • Fast connectivity

AI Service

Pre-built solutions providing access to AI functionalities without time-consuming development needs. • Selected AI platforms • User-friendly interfaces • Broad spectrum of capabilities • Cloud-based accessibility

AI Data Services

Comprehensive data management and analytics services to support end-to-end AI applications. • Scalable data storage • Operational Data Layer • Curated AI databases • Key Management Services