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kvant Private Cloud

kvant Private Cloud

kvant is our innovative approach to cloud computing. Built on enterprise-grade hardware, kvant is a highly automated, efficient, and sustainable solution, ensuring control over mission-critical workloads. Rooted in the principles of open-source and entirely Swiss - from data center to application - kvant ensures scalability, flexibility, and unparalleled security. Besides utilizing infrastructure-as-Code principles to reduce deployment times significantly, kvant provides a unified developer experience. On top of delivering confidential computing as a standard, kvant ensures cost-effective use of resources while aligning its services to the customer's business model.

Deployment Options

Building upon two distinct deployment options, customers can either select the Public Cloud from four availability zones in the Zurich and Basel region or opt for a kvant Private Cloud within the customer's own data center.

Hyperscaler Connectivity

Our kvant Private Cloud is specifically engineered to empower enterprises with on-premise implementations where Phoenix can take care of the infrastructure, automation and business layer. In addition, the kvant Private Cloud can seamlessly connect with kvant Public Cloud or other Hyperscaler Public Clouds such as AWS, Azure or Google.